Norsk Hydro Celebrates Kranselag Ceremony at SMART Park

published April 24, 2023 in News

In Norway, it's traditional to celebrate the installation of the final beam in a new building with a "kranselag" ceremony. Once the roof is installed, builders place a wreath or small tree at the top.

On Monday, April 10, 2023, Norsk Hydro held a kranselag ceremony at their new Cassopolis facility in SMART Park. Representatives of Hydro and MEC came together to celebrate, bringing the $150 commercial recycling facility ever closer to completion. The facility is expected to bring 70 new jobs and other economic opportunities to the Cass County area.

Construction is underway on the commercial entrance to the facility, which will connect to the park's industrial road that will run between Follett and Decatur. Utilities are being laid, rail work will commence this summer, and all infrastructure will be in place for Hydro to open this fall.

In consideration of the impact Hydro will have on the Cass community, steps are being taken to preserve the way of life so many residents treasure, including dark-sky compliance requirements and thorough developing covenants.